Neither Tanya Baierlein nor her sister, Dana Picard, has diabetes but each has made it her life’s work to help others who suffer for the disease. “one set of our grandparents both had diabetes and Tanya’s husband’s uncle had Type I diabetes with severe complications,” Picard said. “After numerous discussions between our husbands concerning the risks of becoming self-employed, we finally agreed to start our own diabetic supply company.

Today, the sisters run Coral Springs - based Diabetic Solutions, Inc. out of their oce on Sample Road. What began as a small mailorder business has now evolved into a multi-million dollar company that now includes not only diabetic supplies but all prescription medications being delivered. We provide thousands of patients with their much needed supplies and medications.

Close to 15 years ago, Picard was working for IBM’s credit union in the mortgaging department and Baierlein was an IT director for a now defunct pharmaceutical products company. About the same time as Baierlein’s company was undergoing a potential sale,
Picard took a hiatus from her job. Soon after, the sisters caught the entrepreneur bug. Picard knew that, combining her aptitude for sales and her sister’s knowledge of the industry, they could start their own company with an emphasis on diabetes education. ”Let’s do this business together, when it’s up and running we can quit our jobs,” Picard said.

They contributed most of their life savings to get the company started. Then they began calling on local doctors and the referrals started coming in. The sisters quickly outgrew their office. The current oce space is by no means fancy. Walk in and you will find many associates on the phone giving patients the essential information needed to receive their supplies. In the back is the pharmacy with licensed professional pharmacists filling prescriptions. The walls are adorned with many brochures on nutrition and medication. Shelves are stacked high with boxes of products. Between the boxes are bags of packing supplies. Dozens of thank you notes are tacked onto slivers of white wall spaces, jammed between photos of employees and their kids.

Each of Diabetic Solutions’ employees either has diabetes or knows of someone who does. That's why they can provide the customer service that goes beyond what their competitors offer. ”We’re not just another supply ordering company,” Tanya claimed, “we know about each of our clients individual problems and they get more from us because of our product knowledge. Diabetic Solutions’ employees and owners keep abreast of new medical technologies, medications and treatments, on a continuous basis.

The interaction with clients sometimes includes lengthy phone calls and other times includes a home visit at no extra charge. Diabetic Solutions wants their clients to be completely informed and satisfied with our process and their supplies.. Typically the process is this ... your doctor sends us your prescription for what you need.. We then call you to verify the information provided. The order is then filled and shipped. Every 3 months. Diabetic Solutions sends out a reminder for re-ordering. It’s that simple. But that's not all. We also include ”hand-picked” sample products and informative materials, going above and beyond for our clients.

Not only do clients shower compliments on the team, but the doctors, nurses and hospitals are also full of praise. Dr. Maria Guitierrez, a Boynton Beach based endocrinologist, has worked with Diabetic Solutions for years, “Physicians trust Diabetic Solutions because they are very reliable and they actually provide more services then just supply and RX delivery. They give so much more and for the patients, that is great, and they take care of all the billing.”

To streamline their internal operations, Baierlein created a unique software program that she now sells to hospitals. Both sisters agree that “education is paramount” to controlling diabetes, so they often visit assisted health care facilities and local organizations, to talk about the latest technological advances and products available. They also host and attend diabetic support groups and are actively involved with local chapters of the American Diabetes Association.