We are here to help control your diabetes ... for life.

More and more people rely on Diabetic Solutions, Inc. to help control and monitor their diabetes. Fast, friendly, dependable customer service and caring associates set us apart from other suppliers. We care about our patients because we are a family oriented business and have felt the impact of this disease in our own lives.

Helping people control their diabetes remains our goal. We accomplish this by encouraging our patients to manage their disease through testing compliance. Our associates can visit your home, answer any questions or concerns, and set easy personal goals for each individual. The associates at Diabetic Solutions are just a phone call away.

When you call us you'll get a live customer service associate on the phone. We provide much more than just filling a prescription. We’ve built a business based on patient advocacy and a reputation of unparalleled service.

We carry all the supplies you need
Diabetic Solutions honors your choice of brand name products. We will not switch your products or suggest you use one brand over another. We inform our patients about new technology such as faster meter readings, smaller blood samples and additional memory ... you make the choice that best fits your life!

Training, Education and Support
All of our patients receive resourceful educational materials, hand-picked to their individual condition, such as nutrition, foot care and eye care. Changing your lifestyle, improving your health and managing your diabetes only comes through education and testing compliance. We offer training in the comfort of your home in limited areas (check with us) Have questions ... ask us!
We’re not just here to provide you with your supplies and prescriptions ... We’re here to help you control your diabetes ... for life!


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.